The most essential part of any gate – the hinges! Without the hinges there is no gate. We keep a range of Gate Hinges to suit most typical gates & installations. All of our hinge sets come pre-packed and complete with all the fixing screws and bolts you will require to hang your gate.

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IDDescriptionPrice (Ex Vat)Price (Inc Vat)
GFADJHB14G350mm Adjustable Hook & Band Galv Gatemate£22.95£27.54
GFADJHB18G450mm Adjustable Hook & Band Galv Gatemate£22.60£27.12
GFADJHB24G600mm Adjustable Hook & Band Galv Gatemate£33.51£40.21
GFBHING4G100mm Steel Butt Hinge Galv Gatemate£3.20£3.84
GFBHING6G150mm Steel Butt Hinge Galv Gatemate£11.60£13.92
GFBUTT3Gatemate Butt Hinge 75mm BZP£2.49£2.99
GFCKHB14GCranked Hook & Band Hinges 350mm pair Galv Gatemate£15.31£18.37
GFCKHB18GCranked Hook & Band Hinges 450mm pair Galv Gatemate£18.99£22.79
GFCKHB20GCranked Hook & Band Hinges 500mm pair Galv Gatemate£22.99£27.59
GFCKHB24GCranked Hook & Band Hinges 600mm pair Galv Gatemate£27.62£33.14
GFCKHB30GCranked Hook & Band Hinges 750mm pair Galv Gatemate£40.99£49.19
GFHIN14B350mm Medium T- Hinge Black Gatemate£4.71£5.65
GFHIN14G350mm Medium T- Hinge Galv Gatemate£5.79£6.95
GFHIN18B450mm Medium T- Hinge Black Gatemate£6.49£7.79
GFHIN18G450mm Medium T- Hinge Galv Gatemate£7.69£9.23
GFHOOKPLATE12NHook to plate Narrow 12mm Pin Galv£2.99£3.59
GFHOOKPLATE16NHook to plate Narrow 16mm Pin Galv£4.30£5.16
GFTHIN24G600mm Strong T-Hinge Galv Gatemate£22.49£26.99
GFTRUCLSWDTruClose Self Closing Hinges to suit wooden gates£32.90£39.48
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