Our extensive range of gate latches means we have the right latch for most installations. Whether it be for a small pedestrian gate or a pair of entrance gates. If you require a latch that you can lock or a simple slam latch, or a hook to hold your gate back. All of our gate latches come pre-packed and complete with all necessary fittings required to install.

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IDDescriptionPrice (Ex Vat)Price (Inc Vat)
GFALATCLBLarge Black Auto Catch Gatemate£4.20£5.04
GFALATCLGLarge Auto Catch Galv Gatemate£3.66£4.39
GFALATCMBMedium Auto Catch Black Gatemate£2.45£2.94
GFALATCMGMedium Auto Catch Galv Gatemate£2.95£3.54
GFCHOOK10B250mm Cabin Hook Wire Pattern Black Gatemate£4.20£5.04
GFCHOOK10G250mm Cabin Hook Wire Pattern Galv Gatemate£3.42£4.10
GFCHOOK6B150mm Cabin Hook Wire Pattern Black Gatemate£2.23£2.68
GFCHOOK6G150mm Cabin Hook Wire Pattern Galv Gatemate£2.45£2.94
GFCHOOK8B200mm Cabin Hook Wire Pattern Black Gatemate£2.60£3.12
GFCHOOK8G200mm Cabin Hook Wire Pattern Galv Gatemate£3.50£4.20
GFHANDLEBDoor/Gate Handle 150mm Black Gatemate£2.30£2.76
GFHANDLEGDoor/Gate Handle 150mm Galv Gatemate£3.10£3.72
GFHASPSTAP150GHasp & Staple 150mm Safety Pattern Galv Gatemate£2.60£3.12
GFHASPSTAP200GHeavy Hasp & Staple 200mm Galv Gatemate£10.17£12.20
GFLONGTHRHANDLEBLong Throw Lock Pull Handle Black (200mm)£11.59£13.91
GFLONGTHROWLong Throw Locks Double Locking Bolt 50mm£32.60£39.12
GFRLAT06B150mm Ring Gate Latch Black Gatemate£7.35£8.82
GFRLAT06G150mm Ring Gate Latch Galv Gatemate£14.85£17.82
GFRLTWISBTwisted 150mm Ring Gate Latch Black Gatemate£14.39£17.27
GFRLTWISGTwisted 150mm Ring Gate Latch Galv Gatemate£9.20£11.04
GFRTNS10G250mm Gate Return Spring BZP Gatemate£11.72£14.06
GFRTNSO8G200mm Gate Return Spring BZP Gatemate£13.30£15.96
GFSUFLATBHeavy Suffolk Latch Black Gatemate£14.66£17.59
GFSUFLATGHeavy Suffolk Latch Galv Gatemate£15.49£18.59
GFCHOOK4B100mm Cabin Hook Wire Pattern Black Gatemate£2.08£2.50
GFCHOOK4G100mm Cabin Hook Wire Pattern Galv Gatemate£2.26£2.71
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