We carry a wide range of tools and sundries to enable you to carry out your project. Whether it be installing a new deck, painting your fence or even digging a hole we have the right tools to make the job as easy as possible.

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IDDescriptionPrice (Ex Vat)Price (Inc Vat)
AVIATIONSNIPSAviation Snips Yellow Compound Straight Cut 250mm£18.70£22.44
BOWSAWFOR21Bow Saw Foresters 530mm£9.99£11.99
BRICKLI105Faithfull Builders Line Easy Reel 75m£11.59£13.91
BRUSHWoodcare Shed & Fence Brush 120mm£4.99£5.99
CARPPENRTUBCarpenters Pencils Red (12pcs + Sharpener)£7.39£8.87
CHISELPOINT18Chisel & Point Bar - 1.8m x 32mm£53.99£64.79
FENCINGGRAFTExcavator Fencers Graft - Type 2£64.60£77.52
FENCINGPLIERSFencing Pliers 250mm£21.95£26.34
HAMMER16OZHammer 16oZ£13.75£16.50
JACKSAW2020" (500mm) Jack Hardpoint Handsaw£11.79£14.15
KNIFERETRACKnife Retractable£15.29£18.35
LATEXGLOVELatex Glove£2.35£2.82
LINEMARK750BLine Marking Spray 750ml - Blue£8.99£10.79
LINEMARK750YLine Marking Spray 750ml - Yellow£7.42£8.90
LINEMARK750RLine Marking Spray 750ml - Red£8.99£10.79
LINEMARK750WLine Marking Spray 750ml - White£5.99£7.19
POSTHOLEDIGGERPost Hole Digger All Steel 60" (1520mm)£68.63£82.36
POSTHOLEDIGMINIMini Post Hole Digger Wood handles 48" (1220mm)£43.99£52.79
POSTRAMMER4Post Rammer 100mm£82.89£99.47
POSTRAMMER6Post Rammer 150mm£89.99£107.99
RATCHET5Ratchet Tie-Down 5m x 50mm£38.10£45.72
RATCHETSTRAP5MMaster Lock Ratchet Tie Down 5.0m with S Hooks£10.56£12.67
TAPESTAN55m Stanley Tape Measure£7.10£8.52
WHEELBARROW85GWheelbarrow Contractor 85lt Black£71.69£86.03
KNIFESITEMATESitemate Locking Utility Knife with 10 blades£7.49£8.99
POSTHOLEDIGGLASSMini Post Hole Digger with Fibreglass Handles£54.59£65.51
POSTHOLEDIGCROWBPost Hole Digging Crowbar£52.00£62.40
NEWCDRAINSHOVNewcastle Drainer Steel Shovel£22.99£27.59
SMTAPEMEASUREPremium Tape Measure£5.29£6.35
SMKNIFE&BLADESLock Knife & 10 Spare Blades£12.29£14.75
SMCARPPENCILS12PKCaprenters Pencils 12 Pack£7.99£9.59
SMFIBREHAMMERClaw Hammer with Fibreglass Handle£18.59£22.31
SMFORGEDHAMMERClaw Hammer with Forged Steel Handle£17.99£21.59
SMPROFALULEV300Professional Aluminium Level£11.29£13.55
SMPROFALULEV600Professional Aluminium Level£16.99£20.39
SMPROFALULEV1000Professional Aluminium Level£41.49£49.79
LANDSCAPERAKE900Landscape Rake with Wooden Handle£38.69£46.43
HEAVYDUTYRACKHOOKHeavy Duty Rachet Tie Down£25.95£31.14
RATCHETTDHOOKRatchet Tie Down with S Hook£6.25£7.50
GORTUB14Multi use Gorilla tub - Small£7.85£9.42
BUCKBLACKBlack Builders Bucket£3.56£4.27
GORGLUEGorilla Wood Glue£10.19£12.23
FAITHSECATFaithfull Secateurs£10.99£13.19
FAITHFILEFaithfull Hand File for Metal. Flat Second Cut£6.39£7.67
FAITHBOLSFaithfull Brick Bolster with Safety Grip£12.45£14.94
BULLTROWBulldog Steel Hand Trowel with Soft Touch Handle£6.99£8.39
FAITHCHISFaithfull Wood Chisel£7.99£9.59
SOFTBRUFaithfull Soft Hand Brush£2.15£2.58
HANDFORFaithfull Hand Fork£4.50£5.40
TARPGREENFaithfull Tarpaulin - Green£18.52£22.22
CABLETIEFaithfull Cable Ties - Black - Pack qty 100£3.39£4.07
GORTUB38Multi use Gorilla tub - Large£10.35£12.42
GORTAPEGorilla Tape - Ultra Tough Cloth Tape£8.77£10.52
HATCHETHatchet Fibreglass Shaft£15.29£18.35
WRECKBARFaithful Wrecking Bar£12.59£15.11
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